Tech Due Diligence for Informed Investments: Mitigate Risks, Unlock Value

Gain a deep understanding of the technical viability, scalability, and potential of technology ventures to minimize risks and support strategic growth

When it comes to tech investments, smart decisions require going beyond the numbers. Our technical and product due diligence provides investors and founders with a comprehensive assessment of technology assets, potential risks, and market opportunities. We help you make informed decisions to drive innovation and maximize value.

Our Due Diligence Services

Technical Due Diligence

Evaluating code quality, system architecture, scalability, security vulnerabilities, and adherence to technical best practices.

Product Due Diligence

Assessing product-market fit, usability, competitive analysis, and the potential for future growth and expansion.

Team & Leadership Assessment

Evaluating the technical expertise, capabilities, and leadership potential of teams within tech ventures.

Strategic Fit & Alignment

Understanding how the technology aligns with your investment strategy, existing portfolio, and long-term growth objectives.

Our Approach: Transparency & Insights

Honest Assessments, Without the Bullshit

We will dive deep into tech and product strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential risks. We don’t fall for the hype, and we’re not afraid to speak hard truths.

Tech Expertise

Deep understanding of tech stacks, product development, and emerging technologies across industries.

Broad Perspective

Analyzing technology within its business context, from market potential and team capabilities to long-term viability.

Data-Driven & Repeatable

Standardized assessments and benchmarks for comparing tech ventures and tracking progress.

Trusted Partners

We collaborate with you throughout the entire process, providing actionable insights for decision-making.

Trusted Partners for Tech Due Diligence

We offer Tech & Product Due Diligence in partnership with Philipps & Byrne. With more than 16 billion EUR in guided funding over more than 600 assessments, Philipps & Byrne support investors and start-ups alike on realizing their growth potential.

Ready to invest with confidence? Let’s assess the true value and potential of your tech opportunities.

Teal Bauer, Managing Director
Teal Bauer
Managing Director